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    Revok 'Loop Painting Hollow 1' Print Available

    Artist: Revok
    Title: Loop Painting Hollow 1
    Medium: 3 Colour Serigraph Print
    Size: 30 x 24.5 Inches
    Edition: 75
    Price: $400

    Check it out HERE

    *be quick, this will sell out quickly


    Revok '_0101010_BLK' Print Available

    Artist: Revok
    Title: _0101010_BLK
    Medium: 4 Colour Screen Print
    Size: 60 x 80 cm
    Edition: 20
    Price: €480

    Check it out HERE


    Pose 'Uphill Both Ways' Originals Available

    Here are some more amazing pieces showcased by Jonathan Levine Gallery. These are by artist Pose and are part of his 'Uphill Both Ways' art show. All I can say is look out D*Face, artist Pose is about to knock you off your pedestal. I personally think 'Blot' (below) is the winner here.

    Oh ya, his mate artist Revok has some work available too.

    Check it out HERE


    Revok '1313 Milwaukee' Print Available

    Here is a beautiful print called '1313 Milwaukee' by artist Revok. FYI, This is meant to be hung on a 45 degree angle. This is a 30 x 30 inch giclee on 300GSM hand deckled archival paper with an edition size of 200, comes signed and numbered by the artist for $200 each. This is also available framed (as shown above) for an additional $200.

    Check it out HERE


    Revok 'Triumph + Tragedy' Video

    Check it out HERE



    Saber Revok Risky 'Sky Graffiti' Video

    Check it out HERE



    'Outside In' - The Story Of Art In The Streets Video Trailer

    Check it out HERE



    Mr Brainwash 'Never Never Never Give Up' Prints Release Details


    Here is the NEW (cough cough) print called 'Never Never Never Give Up' by artist Mr Brainwash. These are available in 5 colours pink, blue, green, orange and yellow. These are massive 5 colour 50 x 26 inch screenprints on archival paper with all have different edition sizes and will cost $350 each. These will be available at 3pm EST on Tuesday August 30th

    Check it out HERE


    Bask 'Free Revok' Print Available


    Here is another STELLAR fund raising print for Revok by artist Bask. This is a 15 x 15.5 inch giclee with a max edition size of 75, comes signed and numbered by the artist for $40 each.

    Check it out HERE


    Charlie Edmiston 'Revok' Print Available


    Here is a great photograph of artist Revok by artist Charlie Edmiston. This is a 13 x 19 inch print with an edition size of 10, comes signed and numbered by the artist for $45 each.

    Check it out HERE

    "A good friend and world-renowned artist Revok, was arrested last week and sentenced to 180 days in jail for "vandalism". This print is of a photo I shot of him a while back and was done in hopes to raise some money for his case. 100% of the proceeds will be donated to Revok's legal fund."


    Askew 'Free Revok' Print Available


    Here is another print release to aid the mission to get artist Revok freed on bail. A riduclous bail set at $320,000 that's $70,000 more than OJ Simpson, wtf? So this print is for the good guys!! This is called 'Free Revok' by artist Askew. It is a 22 x 16 inch giclee on 330GSM archival cotton paper with an edition size of 150, comes signed and numbered by the artist for $60 each. This is being dropped by

    Check it out HERE

    Today we’re releasing a print by ASKEW, and 100% of the proceeds will go to REVOK’s legal defense fund. In light of the recent arrest of REVOK, we’re releasing this print to help the cause. REVOK has been a big supporter of past 1xRUN releases and we’re down to do what we can to help.

    "A few weeks ago I completed this painting for my good friend Revok. At the time it was purely a symbol of appreciation for the support and friendship he has shown me over the time I've known him. At the time I put this image up on the Internet I said that it's one thing to meet an artist that you admire so much and they give you the time of day but for them to become such a loyal friend, so staunchly in your corner -that's something I'm grateful for beyond words.

    It saddens me that today I know my friend has been dragged into the system - a system that fears what he represents to others and as a result he is subject to being made an example of to deter others. In the midst of Los Angeles' current climate, with a war waged on art in public space that is excessive to say the least I also feel that Revok has become a symbol for the city and law enforcements anger. The danger of this is the way it can skew the course of true justice and the basic right to a fair and objective treatment within the system.

    Those that know the entire story know what I am talking about. The lengths that law enforcement, particularly the LA County Sheriffs Department have gone to harass Revok over the past 3 years. The amount of energy and resources that have gone into pursuing and convicting him could only be justified if what I am saying is correct. Revok has transcended beyond being just another person doing graffiti to become a leader and a major influence on writers the world over. There is significant power in that - he has become a symbol and the powers that be seek to destroy that.

    My fears for my friend is that although he has been sentenced that it's not over. Now that he is trapped within the system they could potentially seek to charge him with more - a fact alluded to in yesterday's news reports. This is a tactic often employed by law enforcement - to make defending yourself a financially exhaustive scenario, not to mention with significant restrictions of communication being that he is already incarcerated. It is not cheap to defend yourself in the US legal system and with no means to earn money while locked up this a very real concern.

    This is why today I'm appealing to Revok's fans, friends and supporters to do what they can to help him out. The good people at 1XRun have offered to run an edition of this wall I painted as a quality Giclee print to help raise money for any costs related to supporting Revok in this crazy situation.

    I thank you all in advance for your time and support. Let us as a community set a positive precedent and stand up for a person that has given so much influence to this art form." - ASKEW