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    Space Invader 'Aladdin Sane' Prints Available


    Artist: Space Invader

    Title: Aladdin Sane (Inky, Blinky, Pinky and Clyde)
    Medium: Hand Pulled 4 Colour Screen Print
    Size: 45 x 43 cm
    Edition: 65 Each
    Price: £375 Each

    Check it out HERE

    **POW is not SOLD OUT until they say SOLD OUT


    Rob Warnick 'Blast Off' Prints Kickstarter Campaign Ends Soon!!

    Here is a clever way to get your art financed. This is a Kickstarter project initiated by artist Rob Warnick. The goal is to raise enough money to finance the run of prints. Here's how it works!!

    Check it out HERE

    $5 gets you:

    You will receive a Button Pack featuring two of my older prints to wear on your coat, jacket, sweater, shirt, bag or set on your night stand. What ever you decide to do with them, I thank you for the support.

    $10 gets you:

    Receive a two postcard set featuring my “Blast Off” prints, along with the button pack and again I thank you for the support.

    $20 gets you:

    Receive a limited edition 9 x 12 inch one color “Blast Off” screen print, signed and numbered by me, available exclusively to Kickstarter donors. You’ll also receive the postcard set and button pack and like the previous two, I thank you!

    $50 gets you:

    Option A gets you your choice, the boy OR the girl version of my limited edition “Blast Off” screenprint in all its glow-in-the-dark glory, along with all the previous tasty incentives. Print measures 15x19 and is printed on Coventry Rag 290 gsm 100% cotton paper. Thank you for the support!

    $100 gets you:

    You will receive both boy and girl "Blast Off" screenprints in all their glow-in-the-dark glory, along with – you guessed it – all the previous incentives. Thank you!

    $250 gets you:

    Receive your choice of either boy OR girl “Blast Off” print, in a special limited edition print on metal. Yes an art print on metal that glows in the dark!!! Oh and you get all the other stuff. A mighty thank you and if I could I'd give you a hi-five!




    Invader 'Map Set # 2' Available NOW


    Here is the long awaited for second installment of the Invasion Maps by artist Space Invader. This is a set of 10 maps that comes in its own box, comes signed and numbered by the artist for €300 each set.

    This box contains the 10 maps of the invasion #11 to #20 printed since 2003.

    - #11 Invasion of New York City
    - #12 L'invasion de Los Angeles
    - #13 United Invasion of Manchester
    - #14 L'Invasion de Bastia
    - #15 Invasion Von Wien
    - #16 Invasion Côte d'Azur
    - #17 Invasion de Bilbao
    - #18 Invasione di Roma
    - #19 Invasion of Kathmandu
    - #20 Invasion de Paris V2.0

    Check it out HERE


    Invader 'Signed Sticker Sheet' Print Available


    Here ia clever but expensive marketing tactic by artist Invader. This is the uncut 'Signed Sticker Sheet' of recently released stickers for €8 each set. So, I guess it is safe to assume that Invader's signature is worth €132 minimum :) These are 4 colour 33 x 23cm screen printed vinyl sheets with an edition size of 60, comes signed and numbered by the artist for €140 each.

    Check it out HERE


    Invader 'Roma Invasion' Prints Available


    Here are to more NEW pieces by artist Space Invader. These two prints 'Pronto' (left) and 'Mosaico' (right) are available in either green or red to celebrate the invasion of Rome, Italy. These are both 2 colour 22.5 x 50cm screenprints with edition sizes of 30 each, they come signed and numbered by the artist for €180 each.

    Check it out HERE


    Space Invader 'Invasion Kit 13' Available


    Here is the latest Invasion Kit mosaic by artist Space Invader. This is 'IK-13' and it is a 15 x 11cm kit comprising of 165 micro tiles celebrating Invader's current show in Japan. The numbered only kit has an edition size of 150 and is still available for €200 each. The numbered and signed version has already SOLD OUT, it had an edition size of 50 for €350 each.

    Check it out HERE


    Space Invader Tribute On Futurama

    Check it out HERE



    Space Invader 'Alert 1' Print Available


    Alert 01

    • Year: 2001
    • Medium: Serigraph
    • Description: Signed by the artist, sold framed with UV blocking glass
    • Size: 73 x 73 cms
    • Edition: 100
    • Price: £1,800

    Check it out HERE


    Space Invader's San Diego Invasion Video + Art Show Details


    This invasion by artist Space Invader was done in conjunction with the upcoming 'Viva la Revolucion: A Dialogue with Urban Landscape' at the MCASD opening July 18th. This show also features, Banksy (U.K.), Blu (Italy), Date Farmers (U.S.), FAILE (U.S.), Shepard Fairey (U.S.), Invader (France), JR (France), Barry McGee (U.S.), Os Gemeos (Brazil), Swoon (U.S.), Vhils (Portugal) and others.

    Check it out HERE


    Invader's Upcoming POW Print Release SNEAK PEEK 


    Here is an excellent example of a screen print in progress. This layout is for artist Invader's upcoming print release with P.O.W some time in July 2010. These will be very similar to the last Invader print that POW did with them.

    Check it out HERE


    Maya Hayuk 'Reggae Soundsystem' +'Space Soundsystem' Prints Available


    Here are some sweet pieces being released through PicturesOnWalls from artist Maya Hayuk. These are called 'Reggae Soundsystem' above and 'Space Soundsystem' below. These are both 5 colour 58.5 x 88.5cm screenprints on 330GSM archival paper with an edition size of 50 each, these come stamped signed and numbered by the artist for £145 each.

    Check it out HERE