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    Todd Slater 'Widespread Panic' Seattle Print Release Details


    Artist: Todd Slater
    Title: Widespread Panic (Seattle)
    Medium: 5 Colour Screen Print
    Size: 24 x 18 Inches
    Artist Edition: 100
    Price: Unsure

    Check it out HERE

    **available at 5pm EST on Thursday April 10th


    Above 'Above Seattle' Print Release Details

    Artist: Above
    Title: Above Seattle
    Medium: HPM 1 Colour Screen Print
    Size: 22 x 15 Inches
    Edition: 35
    Price: $129 each

    Check it out HERE

    **available at 12pm EST on Friday April 4th


    Gregg Gordon 'City Prints' Available

    Here are some awesome famous city inspired prints by artist Gregg Gordon of Gigart. These are all 1 colour 17 x 17 inch screen prints for $25 each. This series features New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, San Fran, Chicago, Austin, Washington DC, Seattle, Portland and Oakland. So far...

    Check it out HERE


    Brad Klausen 'Alice In Chains' Print Release Info


    Here is the only release I know of for Today. This beauty is for yesterday's and the Thursday's Alice In Chains concerts in Salem, Oregon and tonight's concert in Seattle, Washington. These stunners are 6 colour 14.5 x 24 inch screenprints they comes signed and numbered by Brad for $25 each. These are by super artist Brad Klausen and they are available today at 2pm EST. Hell, I do not like A.I.C but I live this print. Great Job Brad!!

    Check it out HERE


    EMEK 'Sonic Youth' Print Release Details


    Here is artist Emek latest masterpiece. This is for the January gig for Sonic Youth in Los Angeles. This is a 5 colour 22 x 31.5 inch screenprint, comes with signature, numbered, embossed and doodled for $75 each. There are also a very limited amount of prints on black velvet that will be substituted as a bonus to a few lucky art lovers. GOOD ON YOU EMEK FOR KEEPING IT REAL!

    Check it out HERE


    Jermaine Rogers 'Alice In Chains' Seattle, Portland, San Francisco + Hollywood Print Releases


    Here are the latest releases from artist Jermaine Rogers. This Autumn, the mighty Alice In Chains got back on the road to support the release of their first studio album in years. The shows all sold out in advance and the crowds were treated to amazing shows on these intimate theater dates. The band contacted Jermaine and hired him to do the Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Hollywood prints for the tour. The prints were scarfed up by attendees: the band purchased the entire signed and numbered regular editions from Jermaine and sold these out at the shows. Now, through an arrangement with the band's management, Jermaine will make available his artist proof copies of these prints. These ultra-rare screenprinted A/P's are signed by Jermaine and only a very limited number of each of the four different prints exist.

    All 4 prints will be available around 4pm on Tuesday, November 24th, 2009.

    $40 Each USD or $140 USD/Set


    Check it out HERE