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    Emek 'R.I.b.P' Fish Foil Print Release Details


    We all know the devastation of the recent oil spill off our coast. "This could be one of the worst environmental disasters in our nation's history." N.W.F.
    To help raise money for relief efforts we have created this limited edition art print called 'R.I.p.B' Fish print. This is a 4 colour 12 x 6 inch screenprint on holographic foil paper with an edition size of 400, comes signed and numbered for $25 each plus we will include a free sticker of the same image with every purchase!! A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the National Wildlife Federation, one of many organizations currently working on the crisis. These will be available from 9am-9pm PST on Monday May 24th. 
    Check it out HERE


    Emek 'Haiti' Relief Print Available NOW


    Here are the details regarding this release aiding Haiti by artist Emek.

    This print is called 'Haiti Relief' and it is available STARTING January 23rd and ENDING Friday night January 29th. The edition size will be determined by the number of orders placed. *you may order as many as you would like. (only need to pay shipping once) The sale will be open for 1 week, STARTING now January 23rd and ENDING Friday night January 29th. So everyone will have enough time to place an order either by mail or through paypal and not get shut out by everyone going to the site at the same time once we have a total number ordered, we will have the posters printed at D&L ScreenPrinting they have graciously offered to donate part of their services to help make this happen. The silkscreen posters will be signed and numbered by the artist. Please expect about 3-6 weeks for delivery.


    Since we are not a registered non-profit organization we do not quality for a "donation" button through paypal in order to avoid them taking transaction fees therefore we need you to send the money 1 of 2 ways:

    1) sign in to, click the second tab 'SEND MONEY', fill on the form, TO:
    Amount: poster is $50 + shipping and handling $15 in US, $18 outside the US


    *click the 'PERSONAL' tab and choose 'GIFT', then click continue
    *scroll down to the bottom of the page - Subject: HAITI RELIEF POSTER
    Message: **Write in YOUR Name and Shipping Address**
    This part is very important because your paperwork will not include your address since its being sent as a gift
    If you do not send it as a gift paypal will take 3%, and we'd prefer that money goes to those suffering in Haiti *not paypals dirty pockets (admin's additional comment)


    2) mail a check or money order for $50 + shipping and handling $15 in US, $18 outside the US  include a self addressed sticker or index card (so we know where to send your poster)
    To: Emek Studios
    BOX 2171
    Fairview, OR 97024

    We will post copies of the processed checks written out to the organizations and their receipt to us so you can be sure your money went to where we promised! Thanks to all of you who can show your support and to all those helping to make this and other relief efforts happen. Take care, Emek and Ronni
    p.s. I contacted numerous relief agencies to donate my posters and let them sell directly, they all said it was better if we handle all the sales and shipping ourselves and just donate the money, so that is what i am doing. :)

    Check it out HERE