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    Josh Keyes 'Thaw' Print Available NOW

    Artist: Josh Keyes
    Title: Thaw
    Medium: Giclee Print
    Size: 20 x 14 Inches
    Edition: 175
    Price: $250

    Check it out HERE


    EMEK 'WSP Portland' Print Release Details

    Artist: EMEK
    Title: WSP (Portland)
    Medium: Silk Screen Print
    Size: 18 x 25 Inches
    Artist Edition: 100 
    Price: $85

    Check it out HERE

    **available at a random time on Thursday April 3rd


    EMEK 'Primus' Lasercut Print Release Details

    Here is gig postering taken to the next level again. This is of course done by artist extraordinaire EMEK and this is for the Primus gig on June 25th in Portland This is a 13 x 24 inch double sided, laser cut, glow in the dark screen print. This poster is reversible and can be displayed on either side. These will come signed, numbered and doodled (on both sides). This will be available at a random time on Tuesday July 2nd.

    Check it out HERE

    The 'Orange' show edition of 225 for $75 each, the 'Blue' artist edition of 50 for $100 each and the 'Black' variant edition of only 25 for $150 each.


    Gregg Gordon 'City Prints' Available

    Here are some awesome famous city inspired prints by artist Gregg Gordon of Gigart. These are all 1 colour 17 x 17 inch screen prints for $25 each. This series features New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, San Fran, Chicago, Austin, Washington DC, Seattle, Portland and Oakland. So far...

    Check it out HERE


    Guy Burwell 'Soundgarden' Portland 2013 Print Available

    I am not really into gig posters (or movie posters) but this is poster is another STRIKING piece of art. This is Soundgarden's gig poster by artist Guy Burwell for their show back on the 6th of February in Portland, Oregon. This is a 4 colour (metalics) 16 x 24 inch screenprint with an edition size of 250, comes signed and numbered by the artist for $35. These are available for sale right now.

     Check it out HERE


    The Goodfoot 'Big 100' Art Show Details

    Here is a GREAT art show for an even GREATER cause. This show will be held at the 'The Goodfoot' in Portland December 3rd, 4th & 5th.Rumour is there will be +1500 framed pieces of art available featuring such artist as Emek, Guy Burwell to name a couple.



    Guy Burwell 'The Italians' Prints Available

    Here are some great screenprinted prints on paper and wood by one of faves, artist Guy Burwell. These are all 4 colour screenprints on 4 x 8 inch pieces of paper or wood with an edition size of 10, they come signed and numbered by the artist for $30 each and on paper for only $20 each. These images are part of an UpperPlayground show called 'The Italians' incidentally artist Malleus came up with all the names for Guy's prints.

    Check it out HERE



    Jermaine Rogers 'Alice In Chains' Seattle, Portland, San Francisco + Hollywood Print Releases


    Here are the latest releases from artist Jermaine Rogers. This Autumn, the mighty Alice In Chains got back on the road to support the release of their first studio album in years. The shows all sold out in advance and the crowds were treated to amazing shows on these intimate theater dates. The band contacted Jermaine and hired him to do the Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and Hollywood prints for the tour. The prints were scarfed up by attendees: the band purchased the entire signed and numbered regular editions from Jermaine and sold these out at the shows. Now, through an arrangement with the band's management, Jermaine will make available his artist proof copies of these prints. These ultra-rare screenprinted A/P's are signed by Jermaine and only a very limited number of each of the four different prints exist.

    All 4 prints will be available around 4pm on Tuesday, November 24th, 2009.

    $40 Each USD or $140 USD/Set


    Check it out HERE