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    Awesome 'This Is Richard Duardo, And You're Not' Video


    Check it out HERE

    *richard duardo doesn't give a shit, he makes art, and he wants you to know it.


    Mear One 'Global Uprising' Print Available


    Here is an amazing print called 'Global Uprising' by artist Mear One. This is a STUNNING 9 colour 24 x 35 inch serigraph on 320GSM Coventry archival paper with an edition size of 100, comes signed and numbered by the artist for $200 each. To be honest my only issue with this print is the size of the annoying signature, effen impossible to frame out. I am surprised these are still available at the time of this posting!

    Check it out HERE



    Will The Real Banksy Please Stand Up?


    So, this week there has been a lot of brew haha about artist Banksy being photographed (again?!). So it got me thinking... Here are some other photographs that claim to be Banksy. Below is the hippie dude from the Glastonbury stunt, notice the font on the board is definitely Banksy-esque. Hmmm...


    So the two dudes above kinda sorta look a bit alike right? But they too are NOT HIM. The one below is the image we keep seeing in all the tabloids telling us Banksy's real name is Robin Gunningham. Below that is what is suspected to be Banksy in the background of the video for Modern Multiples videos showing them destroying all proofs and films for their session. But he is not wearing glasses, so I think this is NOT HIM. During the video you do hear Duardo say outloud "it has been great having Robin here this week" (or something similar in nature). Hmmm...

    Dude above looks a lot like the dude leaning over from all the tabloids, but maybe 10 years younger. Which would make sense based on the subject matter on the wall that he is working on. A few random thoughts, is Banksy maybe a small group of artists? Can't be, can it? I asked a fellow Bristol artist recently if a street graffiti piece in Los Angeles was his and he informed me it was indeed Banky's piece and that Banksy was and has been living in Hollywood for a while now! Hmmm, seems strange he is living in Thierry & Shepard's backyards... But, here is the most confusing part of all. Below is a shitty cell phone pick catching Banksy?? in the act on the streets of London, BUT he is NOT wearing glasses, this image below is NOT HIM!

    WTF? I give up! For now!



    Modern Multiples 'Printing Banksy' Video

    Check it out HERE



    Philip Lumbang 'The Tortoise And The Bear' Print Available


    Here is another KILLER print called 'The Tortoise And The Bear' by artist Philip Lumbang. This is a little smaller than usual for Philip. It is a 2 colour 12.5 x 19 inch screenprint on 80lb Speckletone paper with an edition size of 70, comes signed and numbered by the artist for ONLY $30 each.

    Check it out HERE


    GERMS (Jaime Zacarias) 'Purgatory Mary' Print Available


    Here is a STUNNING print called 'Purgatory Mary' by artist Jaime Zacarias aka GERMS. This KILLER KILLER print is 4 color 22.75 x 45.75 inch screen print on giclee with an edition size of 40, comes signed and numbered by the artist for $800 each. We have an AMAZING pre-publication offer for the first 5 interested buyers! We have set aside 5 prints to sell at $400 to augment part or the production cost.. So act quick and support some amazing art and artists.

    There is also a smaller sized version of this print with an edition size of 40, these are also signed by GERMS and they too are covered in varnish. They are selling for $50 each.

    Email: or call 1-323-342-1954.