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    Kenny Random 'Vandalized Marliyn' + 'Vandalized Liz' SNEAK PEEK

    Artist: Kenny Random
    Title: Vandalized Marilyn + Vandalized Liz
    Medium: Heavily Hand Embellished Unique Mixed Media on Paper
    Size: 70 x 70cm
    Edition: Each 1/1
    Price: €???

    Check it out HERE


    Sandra Chevrier 'La Cage A La Toute Derniere Seconde' Print Release Details

    Artist: Sandra Chevrier
    Title: La Cage A La Toute Derniere Seconde

    Medium: 24 Colour Screen Print
    Size: 74 x 76 cm
    Edition: 125
    Prices: $400

    Check it out HERE

    *available at 12pm EST TODAY September 28th


    Mr Brainwash 'My Heart Is Yours' Print Release Details

    Artist: Mr Brainwash
    Title: My Heart Is Yours (SILVER or PINK)

    Medium: Hand Embellished Diamond Dusted 2 Colour Screen Print
    Size: 37 x 37 Inches
    Edition: 91 Each
    Price: $1,500

    Check it out HERE

    *available at 3pm EST Thursday June 8th


    Imbue '15 Minutes' Mirror Prints Available


    Artist: Imbue
    Title: 15 Minutes (Marilyn Monroe)

    Medium: 3 Colour Screen Print
    Size: 30 x 30 cm
    Edition: 25
    Price: $60 Each

    Check it out HERE


    Rene Gagnon 'Marilyn' Studio SNEAK PEEK


    So good!!

    Check it out HERE



    Lola Dupre 'Exploded Al Capone' Original Available

    I love this! The best of the bunch IMO. On a side note, I would've loved to see a JFK to compliment the Marilyn. The above piece is appropriately called 'Exploded Al Capone' by artist Lola Dupre. This is part of her 'SHRAPNEL' art show at Phone Booth Gallery. This is a 9.77 x 13.19 inch collage on birch panel custom framed with uv spacer for $250.

    Check it out HERE



    Remember, Mr Brainwash 'Reborn' Today at 3pm EST


    'Reborn' above is available today at 3pm PST for $375 as well as these 10 really sharp one offs (below) go up at the same time for $1,250 each.

    Check it out HERE



    Mr Brainwash 'Reborn' Print Release Details


    Here is the latest print to be announced by artist Mr Brainwash. This is called 'Reborn' and it will be released as an edition of 100, also there are 10 one offs available that will be released at the same time. The regular run (above) is 22 x 22 inches in size with an edition size of 100, comes signed and numbered by the artist for $350 each. The 10 one offs (below) are $1850 each and each unique, all of these prints have a laer of black light ink (bottom) used when exposed to the black light the face of artist Andy Warhol will emerge. These will be available at 3pm EST on Wednesday September 28th.

    Check it out HERE


    James B 'American Beauty' Print Available


    Here is a great print called 'American Beauty' by artist James B. This is a 22 x 30 inch screen print with an edition size of 20, comes signed and numbered by the artist for $35 each.

    Check it out HERE


    The Dotmasters '10 Quid Marilyn' Stencil Available


    Here is an interesting drop by the U.K. mastermind artists The Dotmasters. This is a doctored 10 quid bill to make it look like Marilyn Monroe. This is all stencil work, there is an edition size of 36 on the finest cotton rag paper that the Bank Of England could afford all for only £20 each. Each one comes with a custom sprayed 3 colour card (below) by the artist(s).

    Check it out HERE


    Dran 'My Everyday Life' Art Show SNEAK PEEK


    Here is a SNEAK PEEK at some of the pieces in French artist Dran's upcoming art show at PicturesOnWalls. The above piece is called 'I Has Chalks 1', below is 'I Has Chalks 3' and on the bottom is 'Marilyn Pigeon Shit' not sure if that is the name though!! :) This show opens November 26th in London.

    Check it out HERE


    Rene Gagnon 'Canillac' + 'Super Marilyn' Prints Available

    Here are two new prints dropped by artist Rene Gagnon, the above image is called 'Canillac' and it is a 4 colour 30 x 40 inch stencilled print with an edition size of ONLY 5, comes signed and numbered by the artist for $850 each. The image below is called 'Super Marilyn' a 22 x 30 inch hand sprayed one color silk screen with lots of hand touches, splatters and such with an edition size of 60, comes signed and numbered by the artist for $140 each.

    Check it out HERE