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    Kenny Random 'HardTimes' Box Set SNEAK PEEK

    Artist: Kenny Random
    Title: Hard Times Box Set
    Medium: Giclee Print
    Size: (10) 32 x 32 Inches
    Edition: 10
    Price: €???

    Check it out HERE


    Kenny Random 'HardTimes' Series SNEAK PEEK


    Artist: Kenny Random
    Title: Hardtimes
    Medium: Hand Embellished Giclee Prints
    Size: 70 x 70cm
    Edition: ??
    Price: €???

    Check it out HERE


    Kenny Random MINI 'Hardtimes' Invader SNEAK PEEK


    Artist: Kenny Random
    Title: Hardtimes Invader
    Medium: 5 Colour Hand Sprayed Canvas
    Size: 20 x 20 cm
    Edition: ??
    Price: ???

    Check it out HERE

    *these will be available next week too.


    Kenny Random 'Let It Go' + 'Random Love' ++ Release Details


    Here are two NEW pieces by Italian artist Kenny Random. The above piece is called 'Let It Go' below is 'Random Love'. Both are hand finished 70 x 70cm giclee prints on 300GSM archival paper with an edition size of 50, both come signed and numbered by the artist for €250 each. There is also a hand finished canvas edition of 'Hardtimes' going to be available. These will be available at 2pm EST TODAY Tuesday September 18th.

    Check it out HERE


    Kenny Random 'Hardtimes XL' + 'Paint Your Soul' Release Details


    Here are the much talked about prints called 'Hardtimes' by artist Kenny Random. These are in response to the overwhelming sell out of his previous run. This time Kenny has made each of these unique. These are each 70 x 100cm aerosol on 300GSM paper with an edition size of 10, comes signed and numbered by the artist for €1,200 each. He also has a very cool print below called 'Paint Your Soul' being released at the same time. This is a 50 x 70cm aerosol on paper with an edition size of 25, comes signed and numbered by the artist for €500 each. Each one of the 'Paint Your Soul' has a random colour palette, therefore making each piece unique. These STUNNERS will both be available at 7am EST on Saturday June 11th.

    Check it out HERE


    Kenny Random 'Hardtimes' Prints Available


    Here are too AWESOME prints called 'Hardtimes'. Man, I really like this print. Until recently I had not heard of Italian artist Kenny Random, but this dude is serious. If you have not already grabbed one of his prints... do it!! These prints are available in two different sizes; one is a XL 70 x 100cm giclee on 200GSM paper with an edition size of 10 for €250 each. The other option is a 50 x 70cm giclee with an edition size of 50 for €50 each. These both come signed and numbered by the artist. Below is a shot of 'Hardtimes' on the streets, I love the Borf and Katsu shout outs!!

    Check it out HERE