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    Shepard Fairey Obey 'Prevent Police Boredom' Release Details

    Artist: Shepard Fairey of Obey
    Title: Prevent Police Boredom
    Medium: Multi Colour Screen Print
    Size: 18 x 24 Inches
    Edition: 450
    Price: $50

    Check it out HERE

     *available at 1pm EST on Tuesday May 22nd


    Obey 'Rollins 81' Print Release Details


    Here is another Henry Rollins print from Obey. This one I have to say is the best yet! This is an 18 x 24 inch screen print with an edition size of 450, comes signed and numbered by the artist for $80 each. These will be available at a random time on Sunday February 13th.

    Check it out HERE

    "This Sunday, 2/13/11, the second Rollins print comes out on Henry’s 50th birthday. The print is based on a painting I did from a 1981 Black Flag photo by Glen E. Friedman, with whom I’ve collaborated on several great projects. The print is signed by Glen, Henry, and me. It is an edition of 450. I reiterate what I said about Henry last week: I hold Henry in high regard for his many talents as a singer, writer, radio DJ, TV host, political and social commentator, etc… but above all I love his energy and gusto. Henry has been doing it his way hardcore for 30+ years. - Shepard"

    Here is what Glen has to say:

    "Henry Rollins is an inspiration of intensity. The final frontman of my favorite band of all time, he fit the bill like no one else. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the man is as serious as a heart attack. Reason enough to ask Shepard if he wanted to do this collaboration to create one of his iconic graphics, from an iconic photograph of mine, of an icon of our time. To celebrate his 50th year on the planet, I can think of no better reason. Much respect to “H” for doing what he does to the fullest as always. Happy Birthday Brother. - GEF"