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    Gregg Gordon 'City Prints' Available

    Here are some awesome famous city inspired prints by artist Gregg Gordon of Gigart. These are all 1 colour 17 x 17 inch screen prints for $25 each. This series features New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Boston, San Fran, Chicago, Austin, Washington DC, Seattle, Portland and Oakland. So far...

    Check it out HERE


    Anville 'DMC-12' Print Release Details

    FROM Nakatomi: "Anville approached us in Flatstock Austin and let us know what a big fan he was. What he didn’t know is that we were already a big fan of his. (Keep it a secret…we don’t want him getting a big head. That mutual appreciation society has borne fruit. Stainless steel fruit, traveling at 88mph. The above detail shot is from a larger print that will go on sale to the Nakatomi mailing list later this week. If you want it…I’d really suggest being on the mailing list. Full details, image, and purchasing instructions will go out on Wednesday.

    Join the mailing list HERE.




    Tyler Stout 'The Warriors' Prints Available


    Here are the NEW prints for the movie 'The Warriors' at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas. These are by artist Tyler Stout. The above prints are available as a set, these are 3 color 18 x 24 inch screenprints using metallic inks on tan coloured paper with an edition size of 450, comes signed and numbered by the artist for $35 each. Below these are the uncut 3 color 36 x 24 inch screenprints sheets using metallic inks on tan coloured paper with an edition size of 200, comes signed and numbered by the artist for $80 each. P.S. little bit about these posters - originally i had envisioned doing four 18x24 warriors portraits of 4 main warriors characters, with smaller characters interacting in front and behind the main character portrait. instead i eventually settled on doing two. i also liked the way these looked as one uncut poster, like a sheet of lobby cards one might get from a movie theater in years past. i also added the strip of smaller portraits on the side of the uncut version, since i enjoyed having the chance to draw each person, plus the movie itself is so rich in different characters i thought it'd be cool to have a little index of who's who, with names gang titles under them. this is also meant to be a companion piece to my previous warriors poster which i did several years ago for the Alamo. printed on the same type of paper with the same type of inks, hopefully its pretty close to that original one in look and feel.

    Check it out HERE