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    Shepard Fairey Obama Inauguration Print Release

    [caption id="attachment_466" align="aligncenter" width="459" caption="'Inauguration' Edition of 10,000 Size: 24 x 36 Inches $100-$500 Each"]24 x 36 Inches $100 Each[/caption]

    The official Obama inaugural store just released this poster by Shepard Fairey. It’s a 24 x 36 inch lithograph. There are 2 options available!

    Numbers 1-1,000 are signed/numbered and cost $500 each.

    Numbers 1,001-9,999 are not signed/numbered and cost $100 each.

    Visit here!


    Etsy Featured Artist Groundworks' Available Artwork

    8.5 x 8.5 Inches 'Cairn # 3' Edition of 75 Size: 8.5 x 8.5 Inches "'Cairn # 3' Edition of 75 Size: 8.5 x 8.5 Inches $30 Each"0 Each

    Groundworks is Danna Rays Etsy store online, here are her details I grew up in a log cabin in the woods of rural South Carolina. Surrounded by forest and lots of crayons, I enjoyed drawing tiny bugs, and tiny plants, and tiny kittens driving trucks. In 2003, I received my BFA in Illustration from Virginia Commonwealth University. My current work is inspired by exploration, wildness, and the inherent connectedness of all things.

    8.5 x 8.5 Inches 'Constants Motion' Edition of 75 Size: 8.5 x 8.5 Inches "'Constants Motion' Edition of 75 Size: 8.5 x 8.5 Inches $30 Each"0 Each


    Dave Kinsey Axiom Print Release NOW!!

    [caption id="attachment_458" align="aligncenter" width="459" caption="'Axiom' Edition of 145 Size: 18 x 24 Inches $65 Each"]18 x 24 Inches $50ish Each[/caption]

    BLKMRKT is releasing this Dave Kinsey print today titled 'Axiom'. This print is a little different then his most recent releases, its a refreshing change from the constant use of the color red lately . The time of the release is not announced so keep your eyes open and your finger on F5!


    Dan McCarthy Winter Solstice Print Release

    25 x 16 Inches <a href=25 x 16 Inches $40 Each0 Each" width="459" height="294" /> 'Daylight' Edition of 550 Size: 25 x 16 Inches 25 x 16 Inches $40 Each0 Each

    Very cool glow in the dark / daylight new release from Dan McCarthy celebrating the winter's solstice coming and going on December 21st.

    Check out his site Dan still has a few spots in his 'Print of the Month Club'

    Edition 'Night' Edition of 550 Size: 25 x 16 Inches Edition0 Each

    Corey Christpher Comely Preview - Sample From His Upcoming Show

    Coco Comely White Stag Original 'White Stag' Size 3.5 x 5 feet by Coco

    Over the last 6 months or so Coco has gone underground/undercover to finish some unfinished business and to get closer to his inner artist. This is one of the pieces that i have seen so far... seems to be getting stronger with a little more attention to details the eyes are fierce, the strong composition is a great balance for this canvas. Look forward to seeing more pieces, details of upcoming show will be posted...


    Teves Not Banksy Dollar and Pound Notes Print Release

    210mm x 297mm £30 Each Edition of 10 Size: 210mm x 297mm £30 Each

    AirMonkey has released some in demand prints that Teves has been playing with lately.

    They have been turning up the u.s, holland and england. If you dig them, here is your chance!

    Check out the site, it has some nice pieces and represents some good artists, here are some of his other pieces!

    Edition of Edition of 50 Size: 210mm x 297mm £15 Each

    Edition of Edition of 50 Size: 210mm x 297mm £15 Each


    News Of Pending Nick Walker Release By Black Rat Press

    Good Luck Everyone!! Good Luck Everyone!!

    Black Rat Press will be exhibiting at the London Art Fair from 13th to 18th January where we will be showing works by Swoon, Matt Small, Lucas Price (Cyclops), Asha Zero, Brian Adam Douglas, D*Face and Nick Walker. We will also be releasing a new edition by Nick Walker on the preview evening. We were allocated a small number of tickets to the preview evening which we have sent out randomly to people from the mailing list. For anyone else wanting to attend the opening night of the fair we suggest either trying to score a ticket from one of the other exhibitors listed here or buying a ticket at the door.

    A small number of the edition will be held back for collectors from overseas. Anyone from overseas interested in buying the new Nick Walker should email with their name and postal address and we will work out some sort of lottery/tombola type system to allocate the available prints.

    The gallery is open by appointment only throughout January until out first exhibition of 2009 which will be our annual show dedicated to printmaking featuring some yet to be worked out live printing demonstration type thing. Many thanks for your continued support. BRP


    Lucas Price aka Cyclops Print At Black Rat Press

    75cm x 92cm £275 Each 'Universal Minds' Edition of 95 Size: 75cm x 92cm £275 Each

    This trippy piece is available at Black Rat Press and is a 20 colour screenprint with varnish on 410 gsm somerset satin paper sized at 75cm x 92cm.

    I really dig his cartooning style over top of the background images.


    Etsy Featured Artist Lake Illustration's Available Artwork

    11 x 16.5 Inches [caption id=11 x 16.5 Inches $19 Each[/caption]9 Each" width="460" height="594" /> 'The Dude' Edition of 100 Size: 11 x 16.5 Inches [caption id="attachment_429" align="aligncenter" width="460" caption="'The Dude' Edition of 100 Size: 11 x 16.5 Inches $19 Each "]11 x 16.5 Inches $19 Each[/caption]9 Each

    This is a 220gsm Heavyweight canvas textured effect paper. The surface has a canvas texture and the colours of the print, are extremely strong and vibrant. The artwork is highly detailed and comes directly from the artist. The print is a limited edition of 100 and is an original illustration signed,numbered and titled by hand by the artist. The print also comes sealed in its own clear cellophane sleeve for protection and when sent.


    Screen Prince Artist Series At Ink'd

    45cm x 64cm €220 Each 'Prince' 45cm x 64cm €220 Each

    Found these today at Ink'd, very cool ideas!

    63cm x 50cm €95 Each 'Run DMC' Size: 63cm x 50cm €95 Each

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